Collection: Street Art

This is a collection based on my love of street culture, POP ART, surfing, skating and whatever takes my fancy. In graphic design school one of my greatest heroes was David Carson when in 1992 he published Raygun magazine.

Carson's style of typographic experimentation influenced the development of the deconstruction style of design and a whole new generation of designers. The experiments by Carson and other Ray Gun designers were chaotic, abstract and distinctive, but sometimes illegible. The magazine's radical subject matter often related to music and pop culture icons and the magazine became a reliable source for the prediction of up-and-coming stars. 

Another icon for design and taking a completely different approach to David Carson was Neville Brody A London born designer who studied design in Britian during the 1970s. He spent three years studying at the London College of Printing where his work, which was quite experimental in nature, was met with unfavorable criticism because the school generally taught traditional printing methods. He gained a fair amount of attention as an art director for The Face magazine, where he worked from 1980 to 1993. The magazine was very popular in the 1980s, it was called a "fashion bible" and set many of the trends of design which enjoyed success during the same time period.